When I was a kid, never did I think I would ever like spinach or any vegetable. Of course, this has changed. Hurray?! Growing up, I came to my senses and understood the importance of vegetables and the vitamins they provide, however spinach was not exactly the first thing I would buy, if I had the chance. But watching @itsjudyslife on Youtube and watching her husband making green juice and giving it to their young girls of 1 and 2 years, got me thinking, “if they can drink it, I should really act my age, grow up and drink it too.” So on I went and bought all the ingredients, and they vary from time to time but I will show you the basic recipe and you can add to it if you like.  While writing this post, it also got me thinking that I had forgotten all the spinach Pop Eye used to eat and how it made him stronger. Now you’re probably thinking, “NEWSFLASH Ida!!!! Where have you been?!” I have to admit that now I’m using spinach more than ever. And the moment I drink this juice/smoothie I feel so energized and get a kick out of it. As they say, is like a “salad in a cup”.


A handfull or two of baby spinach

1 apple

Juice of 1 lemon

Half a cucumber

300ml-500ml cold water depending on what consistency you like it

Ice cubes


Simply add all the ingredients to a blender and blend until the juice/smoothie has a smooth consistency. You could add carrots, beets, banana and any thing that goes well with this. No sugar is used, so it it important to use a fruit or vegetable that gives you a natural sweetness and takes away the taste of spinach. This last point is directed towards people that are like me and don’t like the taste of spinach or any kind of lettuce on its own.


Serve in a big glass and if you prefer with a straw too.