Chicken is so versatile and there are so many different recipes you can make with it. One day, I really didn’t feel like making dinner, but it was only me at home and my fiancé was boxing so I knew he needed some protein when he came home. I had a whole chicken in the fridge and decided just to cook it whole with some salt and pepper and oil. But then I thought to myself that I needed to add something more to give it extra good taste, so I added chopped onions and a couple of tomatoes. I also added a pinch of chili powder to give a slight spiciness to it. I put the chicken in the oven in a dutch oven casserole and left it in there until my fiancé came back. Let me just say one thing…It was amaze balls!!! The chicken was so tender and not at all dry and we ate the whole chicken between the two of us. And the chili just gave it that something extra.


1 whole chicken

4 small to medium sized onions

2 handfuls of cherry tomatoes

Salt and pepper

Olive oil

1/2 teaspoon chili powder

Prepare your chicken.


Slice onions.


Add chicken and onions to the dutch oven.


Add tomatoes and season with spices and drizzle with oil.

IMG_5556 IMG_5557

Cook for 1h 30m to 2h in a 200 degrees celsius oven until onions are slightly caramelized. Serve on a big plate and dig in.