Don’t we all just like a quick stir fry?! It is so simple to make and taste so good. My fiancé and I, love to go to all you can eat asian restaurants lately, as they are popping up everywhere and one of the dishes we like is a stir fry like the one I will share now. It is very versatile and you can add meat and vegetables as you like, but i will show you a basic recipe that is my go to.

Serves 2-3


100-150 g rice glass noodles

2-3 medium sized carrots

1 onion

1 zucchini/courgette

1 tablespoon sesame oil(optional)

Handful of peas

5-6 tablespoons soy sauce (more if you prefer)


Slice carrots and zucchini/courgette julienne style. I used a julienne tool but you can just finely slice them with a knife.


Chop up an onion.


Add the vegetables to a wok pan along with the sesame oil. Cook for a couple of minutes. Add the peas

IMG_5803 IMG_5806

Meanwhile, bring some water to a boil and pour over the rice glass noodles and let soak until vegetables are done.

IMG_5798 IMG_5799

Add to the wok and add soy sauce and mix and stir for 2 minutes and serve.


Note: you can add a variety of vegetables to this wok such as corn, broccoli, bean sprouts and peppers. You can also add chicken, as I usually do, or any meat of your choice.