Who doesn’t love crunchy bread with aromatic tomatoes and gooey cheese?! Bruschetta are so simple and delicious and made in very little time.  You can add whatever your heart desires and impress anyone who comes over to your house.






Salt and pepper

Olive oil


Note that I have no measurements. This is because you can make as much or as little as you want. But for the amount I made for the two of us, I used 2 tomatoes and one 100g mozzarella.

How to make:

Dice tomatoes and add basil to taste.


Brush olive oil on the bread. Either use a grill pan or use you oven like I did. Cook in oven at 200 degrees celsius until golden.

IMG_5942 IMG_5945

Halfway through the cooking time, you can add mozzarella if you like.

IMG_5947 IMG_5949

Remove from the oven and rub a garlic clove on the bread.


Add tomatoes and season with salt and pepper.


I asked my fiancé if he wanted with cheese and he said no, so I made cheese ones for me and just tomatoes for him. Of course, when I brought them to the table he said, “why did I say no cheese?!”. But being the loving fiancé, I am, I gave him one of mine. That’s love for you. LOL.

You can add anything savory of your choice. Tomatoes and basil is the traditional one. Another common one is with olive pate.

Serve and eat up!!

IMG_5956 IMG_5957