If you like pesto, you will love this. I have never been a fan of pesto, until I had a taste of this pesto lasagna. I would often just get pasta with a bit of pesto on it and the flavor was just a bit too harsh for my taste buds. However, I didn’t let that stop me. The pesto is mixed with the béchamel which evens off the flavors quite nicely. Great with a lovely salad on the side to freshen it up. A mix of tomatoes and cucumber with lettuce is a great combo.


200 g of fresh lasagna pasta. If not use regular lasagna pasta and cook before assembling.

170 g pesto

Parmesan cheese

For the béchamel:

5 tablespoons butter

4 tablespoons flour

500 ml milk

Salt and pepper to taste


Start by melting butter and the add the flour. Stir well and let cook for a 5 minutes on low to medium heat.

IMG_6031 IMG_6032

Add the milk and stir until it is smooth and cook until it becomes to thicken.

IMG_6033 IMG_6037

Season with salt and pepper and add the pesto and mix well.

IMG_6038 IMG_6040 IMG_6042

Start to assemble. Layer a baking dish with the sauce. On top of that, add the pasta.

IMG_6045 IMG_6046

Add some more sauce and sprinkle with parmesan cheese. Continue these steps until you have used up the ingredients.


Cook in a 200°C oven until the top becomes slightly golden.

IMG_6059 IMG_6061