Last weekend, I spent Sunday with my dad. Together we made this recipe and he showed me how he made his special orange and shallot sauce to go with it. It was so delicious, it was hard to keep my manners and not lick the plate when I was done. We had such a great father daughter bonding time and I cherish these moments deep in my heart. This recipe is quite easy, but you need to make sure you cook the duck so that when you slice it, it is still slightly pink. If you cook it too long, it will become a grayish color and be very dry. Serve with potato puree, carrots cooked in butter on a skillet and with a side salad. Any side you like.

Serves 2

1 duck breast

Juice of 5 oranges

3 shallots

2 teaspoons butter


Salt and pepper


Start with the sauce. Chop up shallots and squeeze out the juice from 5 oranges.


In a saucepan, add the orange juice and with a skewer measure how much is in the pan. Mark with a pen, so you can see how much it has reduced during the cooking time(smart tip from my father). We want it to reduce to a third of it’s volume. Cook on medium low heat.


On a skillet, add butter and shallots. Cook until the shallots become translucent.


Meanwhile, slice the skin of the duck breast into cubes without touching the meat. Season with salt and pepper. Add oil to a skillet and cook the duck on both sides for a couple of minutes. More or less depending on the size of the breast.


Add the juices from the duck to the orange juice and the duck to a baking dish. Cook the duck for 15-20 minutes. Again, more or less depending on size.



Add orange juice mixture to the shallots and cook until the sauce thickens.


Serve with potato puree or whatever side you prefer.

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