This recipe is another staple in Morocco. So, of course I had to give it a go. These are crispy yet soft and so sweet and delicious. They are quite easy to make, just be careful not to burn yourself on the oil.


For the filling

200 g almond flour

100g sugar

20 g butter

1/2 teaspoon cinnamon

1 tablespoons orange blossom water


Oil to fry

Warka/Brik/Phyllo dough/sheets

1 egg yolk

250ml honey

A couple tablespoons melted butter

Sesames seeds for decoration

How to:

Add the ingredients to a bowl and mix well. Form little balls.


Cut the warka sheets or phyllo dough in strips and brush with melted butter.

IMG_6544 IMG_6545 IMG_6546

Add a ball of filling, and shape triangles and seal with the egg yolk.

IMG_6547 IMG_6548 IMG_6549 IMG_6550

Heat up oil in a frying pan and add the briwats, a few at a time, to it and cook on both sides until golden.

IMG_6552 IMG_6554

Heat up honey and add the fried briwats to it. Let them be covered by honey then remove and sprinkle with sesame seeds.

IMG_6553 IMG_6555