These cookies are very simple to make and are very tasty. The taste of roasted sesame seeds and the crumbly buttery texture goes perfect with a glass of Moroccan mint tea. The “dough” is a sort of wet sand consistency and you should be able to form small balls by shaping them with your hands. If the dough doesn’t form, then add a little bit more oil or butter. They will be slightly crumbly but should hold together slightly.


500 ml flour

125 ml powdered sugar

8 tablespoons melted butter

A pinch of salt

60 ml vegetable oil

2 tablespoons sesame seeds

How to:

Roast the sesame seed in a pan until lightly golden. Be careful that they don’t burn.


Add all the ingredients to a bowl and mix together. If the dough crumbles when you try to shape the cookies, add a bit more oil or butter. Should still be slightly crumbly.

IMG_6537 IMG_6538 IMG_6539

Cook the cookies at 200°C until slightly golden.

IMG_6540 IMG_6541 IMG_6564