This recipe was given to my mom from my aunt, Randi, when my mom went to visit her one time and she was making a huge batch for a party. My mom got the recipe and told me that I had to learn how to make them, like with many recipes and dishes my family like. My sister, Trine, always tells me to make her different recipes even though we don’t live that close that it would be feasible from me to make them for her and just bring them over. Its 40 km by car so it would be cold by the time I get there. Anyhoo, without further a do… My mom gave me the recipe and we made them together when she got back. They are so delicious and depending on what we have in the fridge we might add something new from time to time. I will give you the basic recipe we use and a list of other ingredients you could add if you have them on hand and they are going to go bad.


Spring roll sheets (pack of 40)

300-500 g minced meat(depends on how much meat you want)

1 cabbage head

4 carrots grated

1 onion, chopped

3-4 tablespoons oyster sauce

Soy sauce, to taste

Salt and Pepper, to taste

Other ingredients you could add:

Leeks, soy bean sprouts, peas, bambu and mushrooms to name a few.


Add the meat to a saucepan, season with salt and pepper and cook until well done. Add carrots, onions and cabbage and cook for about 10 minutes, stirring occasionally.  Add oyster sauce and a bit of soy sauce, not too much because we have already added salt. Taste and add more if needed. Tip: make sure the filling is  seasoned well as the end result will not be as good if something is missing

IMG_7107 IMG_7108 IMG_7110 IMG_7111

Let the filling cool slightly before you assemble.

Start with defrosting the spring roll sheets. Careful that they don’t dry out while you are using them. Cover with a damp cloth to keep them soft.

Lets start assembling:

Take one sheet and put it in front of you with one of the corners towards you. Add about one heaped tablespoon filling and roll until everything is sort of inside. Then you take the sides and bring them in and continue rolling. To seal them, I just add a bit of water to my fingers and dampen the corner and seal it ut. Other do this with eggs but I find it simpler like this. I don’t fry my spring rolls but if you like to fry them simply add some frying oil to a pan and fry them until they are slightly golden brown all around. I cook mine in the oven…healthier option. Brush the spring rolls with some olive oil, don’t need a lot, and cook them in the oven at 200°C until they get some color. Turn them around for even cooking.

IMG_7114 IMG_7115 IMG_7116 IMG_7117 IMG_7118 IMG_7119

Serve with some sweet chili sauce or whatever sauce you like with your spring rolls.


Hint: If you have any leftover filling you could use this with some pasta to get a great meal. Also you can freeze these and they taste as good as freshly made ones.